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LEOcoin Foundation launched

The LEOcoin Foundation is open for business. Its website is now live.

Why is a LEOcoin Foundation needed?
The LEOcoin Foundation is an independent body set up to encourage the development and use of digital currencies in everyday life, and make the digital currency idea accessible to a wider audience; its ultimate goal is to have everyone using a digital currency in their daily lives.

What does the LEOcoin Foundation do?
As a non-profit organisation, the LEOcoin Foundation relies on memberships and donations to enable it to function as a body that encourages and develops the use of digital currencies.

The LEOcoin Foundation will provide digital currency experts with the funds to undertake research, provide education on digital currencies, inspire people, as well as encourage its use thereby strengthening the support for digital currencies amongst the general public, entrepreneurs and business owners world-wide.

Who is behind the LEOcoin Foundation?
The LEOcoin Foundation is run by leading names in the digital currency market. Dan Andersson, the Chairman, is a well-known speaker and lobbyist. He has been at the forefront of the digital currency movement, organising meetings with ex Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and members of the treasury to discuss the positive impact digital currencies will have on businesses across the UK and the world, as well as benefiting customers. He has recently returned from the Bitcoin Conference in Hong Kong where he was part of panel of digital currency experts, discussing the topic of ‘Bitcoin: Brick and Mortar for Merchants.’

Costas Halvajoglou, is Head of the Community for the LEOcoin Foundation. Costas has been working with technology since the age of 10. Since 2011, he has been heavily involved with digital currencies, creating highly sophisticated wallet software and exchange platforms.
With these leading figures in the digital currency movement, the LEOcoin Foundation is well placed to carry out its mission to create a strong community for digital currencies.

How you can support the LEOcoin Foundation

The LEOcoin Foundation, as a non-profit organisation, requires financial support from digital currency enthusiasts. It offers 2 levels of membership.

Standard Members have the Opportunity to join the Advisory Board and contribute ideas to the development of digital currencies. They can attended the Annual conference and other LEOcoin Foundation events where they will be able to network with digital currency experts and influential people in the digital currency world.

Senior Members will automatically join the Advisory Board, and in addition to attending the annual conference and other events, have the opportunity to speak at LEOcoin Foundation and partner events.

If you feel strongly about the role digital currencies should have in the modern world, this is your opportunity to drive the agenda.

If you would like further information on the LEOcoin Foundation and how to become a Member or make a donation, visit the website or e-mail [email protected].

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