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Welcome Tsvi Sabo to the IOTA Foundation

Tsvi Sabo has several years as a software developer, most recently at Ericsson VSPP as cloud-storage developer and a few years as a statistical analyst in a consulting company.

With curiosity for technology and mathematics he is constantly seeking to learn more about anything pertaining to these fields. Recently he began to develop a keen interest for crypto-currency and Distributed Ledger Technologies in general and learned about their underlying concepts, architecture and algorithms.

He is very excited about DLT and consider it an inevitable part of our technological future, and therefore want to contribute with his talent and dedication.

Tsvi has B.Sc. in industrial and management engineering from Ben-Gurion University and professional training in computer science

On joining IOTA

Shortly after I began to show interest in crypto-currency and
blockchain technology IOTA caught my attention, I read their white paper and the model impressed me.
I could not ignore its advantages,it seemed as if it offers a more generic consensus algorithm because there are no participant types(miners/buyers).
Also it is mathematically proven (within the model assumptions) that expected transaction time is shortening with the rate of incoming transactions increase,not to mention it is scalable and quantum proof, it scored so many points at once..

The white-paper has really thorough and elegant analysis of the model and is an academic document with significant implications.
The team approach seemed so creative and ahead of time that instead of riding the blockchain wave it is more like they created a new one.
IOTA is the perfect solution for the need of IOT transactions mechanism which soon is expected to grow in a very non-linear fashion

Tsvi has shown great promise in the last weeks working with us. Particularly his deep experience and expertise with low level language development will be of great assistance for IoT focused development as well as IOTA’s C/C++ initiatives. We are excited to his skillset in our dev army. Give him a warm welcome!

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