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Welcome Samuel Reid to IOTA

Samuel Reid is a mathematician, business executive, inventor, and STEM polymath. As the CEO and a Co-Founder of Geometric Energy Corporation since June 2015, he delivers mathematical and scientific consulting to industry, academia, and government. He provides advisory services and execution to technology feasibility and development in energy systems and blockchain, with a focus on solid state sodium ion batteries, decentralized smart grids and assisting companies that want to integrate DLT or do ICOs, as well as the interoperability of private and public ledgers. He was previously CEO of Clean Crude Corporation, a sustainable oil and gas company in Calgary, Alberta, as well as CEO of Homeostasis Healthcare and Symbiosis Systems Inc., in Jesup, Georgia. In September 2017, he resigned as the Head of Technical Stream of Ethereum Foundation Shenzhen.

Reid holds important positions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, as a Director of SpaceBit, the world’s first non-jurisdictional decentralized space agency, and as Chief Blockchain Engineer of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, the world’s first government regulated token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange.

Since 2011, Reid has been focused on discrete geometry, logic, cryptographic security, quantum computing, and a variety of other highly technical fields of mathematics and computer science, along with vast experience in theoretical and experimental physics and chemistry with work at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, SNOLAB, CAESR-tech, and Nemalux Industrial.

On joining IOTA

I am honoured and happy to join IOTA as I believe my mathematical background and drive for IoT innovation will provide a driving force of positive transformational growth of the IOTA project and ecosystem. My vision is one of mass adoption for executing the transition from fiat currency to digital assets, and with IOTA, I believe my vision can have more implementation than with any other organization. A main reason for my switch to focus on IOTA over Ethereum is in the scalability of transactions for integrating with IoT hardware and the lack of philosophy in line with EIP 186 amongst the Ethereum miner community and resulting problems on artificial gas price economics compared to IOTA.

Samuel is a rare breed between a hardcore mathematician with in-depth knowledge of the technology, while still being deeply involved in the adoption work and business relations. All of which he intends to utilize to its fullest extent to drive the IOTA project and adoption further. For the mathematically inclined you might want to check out his previous impressive work in the field of math. We are happy that he was driven by his conviction that Ethereum doesn’t provide the needs for a scalable and affordable DLT and instead discovered IOTA which he wants to focus his time and energy together with us on growing. With his expansive expertise and experience in a myriad of sectors we expect great things to come from his work in IOTA. Give him a warm welcome!

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