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Welcome Olivia and Paulo to IOTA research

Paulo, Serguei and Olivia

Today we welcome two bright Ph.D students who will be working on their Ph.D under IOTA co-founder professor Serguei Popov’s supervision with the intention to optimize Tangle algorithms, as well as providing formal proofs of its game theoretic assumptions.

Tangle mathemagics

Olivia Saa is an Applied Mathematics PhD student at University of São Paulo with main interest in Game Theory. She has a strong mathematical background and has already worked as an Engineer in projects involving probability and stochastic processes. She holds a M.Sc.Eng. on Thermofluid dynamics and undergraduate degrees on Mechanical Engineering and Computational and Applied Mathematics, all from the University of São Paulo.

Paulo Finardi is a Computer Science student at the University of Campinas.
His focus is on the game theory applied on topological structures of type Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). The main goal of his research is develop a new tip selection algorithm based on theory of the Nash equilibrium strategies.
Prior he was at University of Campinas — where completed a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics on numerical analysis to find path plans in heterogeneous domains. He is also graduated in mathematics and likes to play chess.

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