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Welcome Joachim Taiber to IOTA

Professor Joachim Taiber , born and raised in Germany, enjoyed his academic training at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland, where he first graduated with a master degree in mechanical engineering in 1991 and then completed his PhD degree in Technical Sciences in 1996.

After his studies Dr. Taiber started his professional career at a Swiss software start-up company in 1995 in Zurich. He joined BMW Group in Munich, Germany, in 1997 as in-house consultant in the vehicle development division where he worked on different aspects of functional integration and validation of vehicle systems, vehicle electronics platforms as well as vehicle program management. He assisted the CEO as technology advisor and supported the CIO in a major reorganization of the IT division which resulted in holding different leadership positions in the areas of IT strategy, IT program management, IT innovation management and IT benchmarking.

In 2003 Dr. Taiber was engaged in the initial planning team to implement the masterplan of a 250 acre automotive research campus in Greenville, South Carolina closely located to the BMW US manufacturing site as a public private partnership model and to help shape the strategic collaboration between BMW and Clemson University. The first facility created on the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) campus in 2005 was the BMW Information Technology Research Center (ITRC) — a 80’000 sqft building specifically designed to collaborate with BMW IT partners on open innovation and strategic advanced technology projects including the aspects of the “networked vehicle” and the “next generation data center”.

He was leading the innovation activities at ITRC as director of the Information Technology Research Office for multiple years and collaborated during this time closely with the BMW Tech Office in Silicon Valley.

More recently Joachim has been active in the validation of automated vehicle safety and security as well as in the development of advanced charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles. He works closely with SAE and IEEE in numerous standardization activities and also chairs the development of an international consortium that is focused on AI-based sustainable mobility services for smart city environments (ITIC Testbed Alliance).

In addition to all of this he has a plethora of published papers in the sector of smart mobility and smart city infrastructure.

On joining IOTA

The automotive industry is in the middle of a massive transition stage which is driven by the digitalization of business processes, vehicle systems and
infrastructure. IOTA developed a revolutionary platform for the IoT data economy which is highly scalable and has the performance and security credentials to serve as the operating system for the automotive digitalization to provide opportunities both for start-up’s as well as established companies to create a joint ecosystem for V2X data transactions. Although IOTA is still in an early stage of development, I see the potential both in the technology as well as the founding team to be disruptive for the automotive industry and I am very excited to support their further development as advisor with the knowledge I gained in the industry over a long period of time as well as providing access to my professional network.

We are delighted to have a titan like Professor Joachim Taiber on board as an advisor to the IOTA Foundation and its Smart Mobility workgroup. He brings a life time of experience and seminal expertise of the present and future of the automotive sector and smart city mobility. Together with Alexander and Jochen Renz of IOTA and New Mobility Lab we are confident that Dr. Taiber will establish IOTA as a de facto standard of Distributed Ledger Technology in the vehicle and mobility sector. We already got a lot of exciting things in development with him and his extensive network and lab. Give him a warm welcome!

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