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Welcome Jesse Babbra to IOTA

Jesse Babbra was drawn to the study of engineering when she realized she had an affinity for the stability of mathematics and science. At the time, I had no idea the influence physics and electricity would take on my worldview. She completed her degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Missouri -St. Louis and Washington University of St. Louis in 2015. She chose to specialize in computer science due to experiencing being in a “flow” state of mind while programming. Upon graduation, she worked in the power and energy sector — studying underrated electrical equipment at industrial sites for clients such as ADM. From there she progressed to a career in lighting controls recommendations for both new and existing constructions; however this did not fulfill her inquisitive mind nor her ambitions as she believed there had to be more to this world. This is where her journey into researching human advancement into the digital age began.

She is a lifelong student of philosophy and human rights with deep interests in systems thinking. The overlap between philosophy, mathematics, electricity, science and technology is her driving force. Being a proponent of human rights and progressing society through her diverse skillset she began to research solutions for the various states of our world.

On joining IOTA

As I began to study decentralized technology, I first appreciated the concept of independence from authoritative parties. As I delved deeper, I started to appreciate much more. My primary stance on the betterment of our world is that knowledge, understanding, and safety are paramount. I believe IOTA is the revolutionary technology that can streamline our current state (questionable privacy and security, dependence on “middle men”, and no real preparation for future demands of m2m tech) to a much safer and more dependable future for our children and theirs. In our lifetime, all we can aspire to do is lay the digital groundwork for a privacy respecting future with more possibility and potential for technological freedom. Knowing that these capabilities are built into IOTA and that my ideals are truly in line with the IOTA Foundation, I could not imagine a better place for myself.

Jesse adds a rare combination of technological knowledge in both hardware and software, while also being experienced in and driven to socialize and engage in business development and evangelizing. With these dynamic traits, she will be a great resource to the IOTA project through development, presentation and direct engagement with corporations and organizations that want to adopt IOTA. Being a local from Illinois she will also be a great asset in our recently established collaboration with the Bosch and 1871 Connectory. Give her a warm welcome!

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