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Welcome Gal Rogozinski to the IOTA Foundation

Gal Rogozinski grew fond of technologies ever since he was a little boy. Largely thanks to his father who took him to his office to marvel at the state-of-the art machinery of the present time. The father nurtured Gal’s technological aptitude with educational electronic and robotic kits that Gal fiddled with throughout his childhood. Gal grew up and joined the Israeli Air Force as an electronics practical engineer that specialized in maintaining electronic warfare systems. Later he went on to get his B.Sc in Computational Biology from Ben Gurion University of Negev.

While working for High Tech companies like Mellanox and Riverbed, he started to passively follow news on bitcoin. During the last year he became encompassed by the subject. He began to fervently research blockchain with an almost obsessive demeanor. From contemplating about the economic implications of decentralized currencies down to understanding the nuts and bolts of the blockchain, Gal’s quest for knowledge was unquenchable.

With passionate ardor, Gal joins the IOTA team.

On joining IOTA

Over the last months I became wary of the proposed scaling solutions of bitcoin and ethereum. IOTA in my opinion is taking the distributed ledger to the next level, providing a truly scalable backbone technology. With a pragmatic model of integrating with IOT to provide fee-less transaction, I believe IOTA is on the road to become the leading cryptocurrency that people (and machines) will use for actual commerce.

We are very happy to get Gal on board the IOTA Foundation as a full time full stack developer. His experience and expertise combined with his new found love for distributed ledger technology and applications will bring a powerful synergy to our ranks. Give him a warm welcome!

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