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Welcome Diego Essaya to the IOTA Foundation

Diego Essaya is joining IOTA as Senior Software Engineer of the Smart Contracts team. In this role, Diego will help in the development of the Smart Contracts Protocol running on the Wasp node.

Diego lives in Buenos Aires — Argentina — and has been in the technology sector for over twenty years. He has worked as a software engineer in many organizations, participating in numerous projects ranging from simulation, videogames, databases and web. Diego is also a professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Engineering Faculty, currently teaching in two basic programming courses.

On joining IOTA

IOTA felt like the perfect fit as it was a practical use of the technology. It was also a technology space I was highly interested in as I have been an IoT geek with Smart Home technology for some time. Bringing DLT technology to IoT and the power to enable the future of Industry 4.0 is extremely exciting — and I’m glad to be a part of the journey!

We are very happy officially announcing Diego Essaya joining the project, his technical background and expertise are an asset to the development team at IOTA. Give him a warm welcome!

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