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Welcome Darcy Gabriel Augusto Camargo Cunha to the IOTA Foundation

A mathematician is always fascinated by a challenge and with Darcy Camargo, it’s no different.
Since his early undergraduate days at University of Campinas (UNICAMP) he was always seeking interesting problems, which led him to awards in international math competitions and a perfect score in all his Ph.D. courses.

Mathemagicians at work

The early supervision by IOTA Co-founder Professor Serguei Popov awoke in Darcy interest for the randomness, and this led him into a diverse and deep understating of stochastic processes. Near the end of his direct doctorate, he was introduced to the Tangle and the IOTA Foundation, and the cleverness of the model together with the challenging difficulty of dealing with its mathematical properties attracted Darcy’s attention.

Darcy’s field of research includes a lot of random walk and graph related process, such as Random walk in random environment, first passage percolation and flooding times, particle systems.

His objective together with the IOTA foundation is to work through the mathematical conundrums and thus take on the challenges contributing to the applications of the Tangle in as many fields as possible.

About joining IOTA

Since the beginning I was charmed by the IOTA, not only as a mathematical model but also on how IoT and the Tangle can revolutionize the way we live our lives. As a probabilist and someone with big interest in technology and innovation, the opportunity to work with such front-line technology and developments is a huge honor.

Darcy has shown through his young years that he is in the absolute upper echelon of international mathematicians. The prior connection and almost decade long experience working with IOTA’s own Professor Serguei Popov make him an ideal fit to the IOTA Foundation. Darcy will work on formal proofs of the Tangle, work on optimization strategies, as well as exploring new territory in upcoming IOTA projects such as Q. We are very happy to have Darcy on board. Give him a warm welcome!

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