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Welcome Danny Wu to IOTA

Dr. Danny Wu is a researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research is focused on low power, high speed radio-frequency, mixed-signal and digital integrated circuits especially in IoT area . He’s passionate about the combination of emerging IoT technology and cutting-edge Internet technology.

He is very fascinated by new technologies such as blockchains, smart contracts, and mining techniques. Has independently developed FPGA-based bitcoin miner, X11 miner for his personal interest.

Danny has followed the blockchain space for many years. IOTA’s unique design and innovative approach to the pitfalls of blockchain motivated him to join the community to help improving the underlying Tangle technology.

Danny on joining IOTA

IOTA is a exciting technology, it spreading very rapidly just like the first exposure of the Bitcoin. It is the first cryptocurrency that achieves zero transaction fee and enables everyone sending and receiving encrypted messages over the ledger freely, safely and privately. It also has provided unlimited scalability backed by the automatic snapshot technology.

But IOTA also facing a lot of challenges and unpredictable transaction confirmation time. I believe that the community will eventually overcome these problems and raise IOTA to a new level.

Danny has been an inquisitive community member for several months and consistently shown his dedication and interest in the deep details of how IOTA’s unique protocol operates. His extensive knowledge of microelectronics couples well with IOTA’s roadmap of eventual hardware support for ‘unlimited scaling’, as well as being of great use in stresstesting and simulating the network in different manners. We are excited to welcome him on board as a research advisor. Give him a warm welcome!

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