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Welcome Dan Simerman to the IOTA Foundation

Dan Simerman is a blockchain investor and technical product manager well versed in consumer psychology, digital assets and open source software development. He lives in Brooklyn, New York where he has spent the last two years developing frameworks for traditional investors to comprehend investments in blockchain technology. Dan also has a history of building software for Fortune 50 financial institutions, multinational media companies and strategic consulting firms.

Dan has been a vocal advocate and supporter of IOTA since 2017. As a member of the IOTA Evangelist Network, he has worked to engage with local partners to expand awareness of our technology in North America. As co-organizer of IOTA NYC, he has contributed to one of the largest IOTA meetups in the world by developing content to support our ecosystem.

He is joining IOTA as Head of Financial Relations. In this role, Dan will focus on supporting the ability of financial institutions and institutional investors to leverage IOTA’s technology and native currency.

On joining IOTA

As a relatively longtime member of the IOTA ecosystem, it is thrilling to join the Foundation to help push the development of the technology in ways that make it more useful to financial system actors. My goal is to help financial partners understand how IOTA can transform financial services for the better and open up exciting new market opportunities.

IOTA has done a tremendous job building some of the strongest relationships with industry for real world IOT and DLT use-cases. Now, with the creation of this role, IOTA can do the same with global financial markets. This marks a significant step forward in the Foundation’s drive to make IOTA’s open-source technologies the backbone of the new machine-to-machine economy.

I look forward to working with institutions and individuals to realize the financial infrastructure necessary to support the future that IOTA envisions.

Dan has been a valued member of our community for quite some time. He has already proven his ability to communicate the goals and values of IOTA throughout the world. His deep understanding of IOTA, distributed ledger technology, and the needs of the IOTA community will come as an asset as we ramp up our participation with financial partners. Give him a warm welcome!

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