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Welcome Cristian Dascalu to the IOTA Foundation

Cristian is joining IOTA as Senior System Operations Engineer. In this role, he will collaborate with IOTA core developers and management to ensure the reliable operation of software and systems.

Cristian is Romanian and has been in love with technology since the early years, dissecting computers of all types, looking to understand how they work. For over ten years, he has been working for large organizations and small startups, managing software infrastructure, and helping applications get faster & more reliably to their users, through modern DevOps tools and practices.

On joining IOTA

I have been an IoT enthusiast, always looking for ways to simplify and automate day to day aspects. I am highly aware of our impact on the planet. I believe IOTA is one of the technologies that is going to play a key role in supporting and developing the IoT economy and help with environmental & socio-economic issues. I felt it would be a perfect fit for me to come and be a part of this innovative project!

We are very happy officially announcing Cristian joining the project. His experience with systems reliability and automation is an ideal combination for the IOTA foundation. In that regard, Cristian has the perfect skill set. Give him a warm welcome!

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