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Welcome Chris Dukakis to IOTA

Chris Dukakis is a software engineer with experience in a variety of web technologies. His constant preoccupation with software development started at a young age, almost a decade ago. He is primarily focused on exploring and building decentralized systems, being conscious about security and online privacy.

Chris is a Computer Science undergraduate student, he became aware of cryptocurrencies in 2012 and has been part of the IOTA community since March 2017.

On joining IOTA

Once I discovered IOTA and read the white paper, I realized its obvious potential to fully overcome all current limitations of blockchains. Beyond that, the applications of the Tangle to ensure data integrity, together with Masked Authenticated Messaging are on top of my interests. I truly enjoy working together with the IOTA Foundation on meaningful projects and I’m looking forward to contributing to this great vision.

Chris has been a great contributor since he arrived and is currently working on a soon to be announced Proof of Concept that showcases how IOTA can uniquely create new business models in the real world, as well as Hub IXI which lowers the barrier for exchanges to list IOTA significantly. Give him a warm welcome!

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