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Welcome Charlie Varley to the IOTA Foundation

Charlie Varley completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Bristol. His chosen areas of study included brain imaging, artificial intelligence and philosophy of mind; showing a clear technical theme. And this persisting interest led him to change his academic direction. He proceeded to complete a Master’s in Computer Science at University College London.

While at UCL, Charlie met Dr. Navin Ramachandran of the IOTA Foundation. With Navin’s supervision, he began development on a mobile IOTA wallet for his thesis, which is now known as the Trinity Wallet. Charlie is a self-taught programmer whose main interests lie in front-end and mobile development.

On joining IOTA

I am very humbled to be joining such a promising project and to be working with such a fantastic team. Iota is clearly a game changer in this space and it’s easy to imagine a future in which the Tangle is ubiquitious. Working for IOTA is the culmination of a longstanding passion for cryptocurrency. I look forward to continuing development on the Trinity Wallet and beyond.

Charlie has shown a keen interest and passion for the IOTA project ever since he began working with Navin on the Trinity Wallet. His diverse academic background and interest in interaction design place him in a unique position to help improve IOTA’s user-facing ecosystem, which is something that is now getting higher priority as IOTA is scaling beyond focus on just its core technology. This will make the user experience of everyone better and provide a better first impression of the project to newcomers. Give him a warm welcome!

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