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Welcome Bartosz Kuśmierz to IOTA

Bartosz Kuśmierz is a researcher at Wrocław Univesity of Science and Technology. He is currently working on his PhD in physics on the topic of symmetric polynomials theory in the fractional quantum Hall effect. He holds M.Sc. on fractional quantum Hall Jack states from Wrocław Univesity of Science and Technology as well as a B.Sc. in mathematics.

His background is in physical and economical systems simulations, he hopes to bring this knowledge to the IOTA project. His main goal is to simulate the Tangle and make it possible to better understand the DAG based systems. He wants to establish values of parameters that allow for the smoothest performance of the Tangle and find the best ways to protect against attacks on the system.

On joining IOTA

I find cryptocurrencies to be one of the most interesting technologies of our lifetime. The greatest achievement of Bitcoin was a way of finding consensus without referring to any central body. However Bitcoin, although groundbreaking, is not without its flaws. Now, when the limitations of the first cryptocurrency are more and more apparent, it is clear that we need a new milestone. I believe IOTA can be a needed breakthrough. IOTA with zero transaction costs, scalability and no division between users and validators is a game changer and has a full potential to become cryptocurrency of the future. I’m very excited to be a part of this amazing project!

Bartosz independently conducted very impressive research on the Tangle which automatically qualified him for a research position. As the project matures and adoption grows it is imperative that we optimize and learn as much about the Tangle’s properties in different environments and topologies, having great analytic minds like Bartosz working intensively alongside our other IOTA researchers and mathematicians is the key to building strong pillars underpinning IOTA and thus unlocking the true potential of the pioneering technology which it is. Give him a warm welcome!

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