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Welcome Andreas Mikolajewski to the IOTA Foundation

Andreas Mikolajewski kicked off his Software Engineering career at SAP over ten years ago at age 17. While constantly building his experience in various international Engineering roles he pushed his boundaries to work on his master’s degree in Computer Science at KIT, found startups, compete as a semi-pro gamer, moderate conferences, travel the world and explore all the beauties of life.

Andreas’ main interests in the field of Computer Science are Machine Learning, Cryptography, Computer Graphics (OpenCL & OpenGL) and Algorithms (competitive programming). His complementary subjects in university were economics and law, which he is as well passionate about.

He loves to seek challenges and grow with them. For the past years, Andreas got excited about distributed ledger technologies for being so highly innovative and disruptive while facing combined challenges from economy, society, technology, philosophy, law and politics. Since then he has been involved within the community and strives to put his interdisciplinary skill set to use.

On joining IOTA

Compared to other projects IOTA is really taking a whole different path and while it certainly holds risks, the new paradigms allow for an outstanding vision to be drawn. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to this vision and collaborate with the talented people in the IOTA Foundation.

Andreas is a driven guy with significant experience in software engineering and various fields of computer science and beyond. This diverse expertise and broad interest field is of great value to the IOTA Foundation which extends into a plethora of different domains constantly. He will also be working specifically on visualization tools that make the Tangle more tangible. Andreas will also be doing his thesis on IOTA, so his academic contribution to the project will be be a great addition to the big library of academic work we are compiling on IOTA and Tangle. Give him a warm

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