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Welcome Andreas C. Osowski to IOTA

Andreas C. Osowski is a developer who’s passion are the small computational devices that are almost omnipresent in our everyday life.
His main interest lies in making information technology tangible and he has written code for the full range of small embedded devices to large-scale multi server applications.

Andreas has a mathematical background and approaches problems with a very analytical mindset, weary to not overengineer problems and always keeps performance in mind.

He first stumbled upon Bitcoin back in 2010 and has been a passive watcher of the cryptocurrency scene ever since. He has been following IOTA since but recently, when he set out to discover existing solutions and protocols for M2M communication that also take into account future mesh networks — or build one himself if none existed.

On joining IOTA

The IoT space lacks a well defined solution for M2M payments and universal secure M2M communication. When I first heard about the IOTA project and read the whitepaper, I was very impressed by the well defined approach therein. The future goals and past successes of the IOTA project and IOTA Foundation are very promising and I look forward to helping lay the foundation for the future of secure and scalable M2M and M2H solutions.

Andreas has been working with us for the last few weeks and is now a full member of the team. He approaches tasks in a very organized and dedicated fashion. Currently his main focus is on the upcoming Rust implementation of IOTA. Give him a warm welcome!

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