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Welcome Alon Gal to the IOTA Foundation

Alon Gal is a physicist, developer, and entrepreneur. He obtained his MSc in physics via the AtoSIM Erasmus Mundus program, in the University of Amsterdam, La Sapienza University in Rome, and the ENS in Lyon, focusing on solving molecular-scale physics problems using numerical methods.

In his MSc thesis he simulated and analyzed the Vicsek model for collective motion of particles, seeking to emulate the emergent behavior of self-propelled biological systems. After his studies Alon worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, where he worked on Application Insights, an Azure service for collecting and analyzing server logs.

Building on his experience at Microsoft and his understanding of academic computation, he founded Eureka, a platform for running computational science on the cloud, where he served as CEO.

On joining IOTA

I am inspired by both IOTA’s grand vision and its innovative tech, and in particular by the Tangle as a major leap forward from Satoshi’s original blockchain. Understanding the Tangle’s properties, scaling behavior, and security concerns is a fascinating mathematical challenge. Enabling large scale simulations and establishing a common framework for researchers will play a crucial part in future research, and I’m very excited to be driving this effort forward.

Alon Gal is an experienced analyst that has expertise in both scientific modelling and simulations, as well as actively driving research forward through these fields. His skill set compliments our dedicated mathematicians like a hand in a glove and will accelerate the evolution of Tangle optimization and stabilization towards maturity. Give him a warm welcome!

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