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Markets Today: An Amazing Day

Markets Today: An Amazing Day

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All of a sudden, the darkness and red sea that engulf the crypto market is gone and has been replaced with the flush green of growth. Not a single coin on top 20 fell.

Even up to the first 100, only five casualties were recorded. There are good wins here and there by various coins. It looks like the call to hold and buy materialised.

If things will be like this until August 1, when the acrimony is supposed to be over, it would have been very refreshing. If you have sold, then it is all regrets.

Market Updates

Bitcoin’s price has jumped to $2284.79 which is a 10.97 percent swelling rate. It is obvious holders who were crying some few days ago are now smile, especially those who took advantage of the situation to buy.

Going up by 12.27 percent, Ether was sold for $196.35. A far cry from its worth before the crash. However, it is evident there is no looking back for the king of smart contracts.

On the 3rd spot Ripple also made an increment of 10.72 percent to sell at $0.176905. It is in the right direction since the Bank Transfer Blockchain has to make it up to its holders who lost nearly half of its market capitalisation.

The 2nd least gain was in the basket of Litecoin. It actually enlarged 3.49 percent and with an accompanying exchange rate of $43.78.

Ethereum Classic is in fact, the least grown crypto of the day. It registered a price of $15.38 and a 2.18 percent upward earnings.

Interestingly, NEM has reclaimed the 6th position from Dash today. It was selling for $0.132215 and expanded 23.14 percent, which was the 3rd best of the day.

Dash made a profit of 4.67 percent to close its price at $152.63. In fact, it was an improvement up yesterday.

IOTA seems to be on fire continuing the winning spree. On two consecutive days, it has earned the biggest accrual of the day. With a 41.42 percent upward adjust, market forces placed the selling rate at $0.298940.

Monero has not given up number nine yet and it sold at $34.90. It added 7.48 percent to its total value.

Stratis is back to top 10 once again! Rising an admirable 32.39 percentage point, the Blockchain Application token had the second best gain of the day with a price of $4.27. This was a coin that less than two months ago had selling rate of $12.

Honourable Mention

Yesterday Coinpedia predicted that Veritaseum is making a strong statement and as such should be watched. It is now the 11th most expensive cryptocurrency rising 39.10. The market offered it for sale at $186.97 and it is the honourable mention of the day.

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