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New Year, New Me

We’re starting 2018 with a fresh, new website

2017 has been a huge year for Gnosis. Since our token sale last April, Gnosis has grown in so many ways. While our team size expanded from 7 to 35 employees in the last year, we’ve developed many exciting products (Gnosis Olympia, the Dutch Exchange) which also led us to redefine our mission and brand statement. We have a long road in front of us, and are moving forward with increasing momentum.

Both our website and white paper haven’t seen an update since our token sale, and certainly didn’t reflect all the things we’re currently working on, or convey the mission that drives us every day. That’s why many of us have bundled their last energy of 2017 working on a website and white paper overhaul that was long overdue.

We’re glad to welcome 2018 with a new website. New year, new me!

What’s new?

Aside from coming with a clean, fresh new look, we hope that our new website does a better job in featuring all major products we’re currently working on, giving an overview of some interesting use cases for prediction markets, answering all questions you may have regarding prediction markets, our products, or infrastructure, and, above all, pointing to our developer incentivization programs that may facilitate dApp development on top of Gnosis.

Learn about the development status of our latest apps, such as Gnosis Olympia, the Dutch Exchange, or our Multisig Wallet, and get inspired to build your own app on top of Gnosis by checking out some of the most interesting use cases for prediction markets.

The Gnosis Apps section on our new website features all our products.
The Gnosis Use Case section features some interesting use cases for prediction markets.

While our team is spread out all over the world, we have a core development hub in Berlin where about 20 of our 35 full-time employees are based. Check out all the new (and pretty) faces on our updated team page.

The Gnosis team

We very much value diversity in our company. While we have set our gender diversity target at 40% by the end of 2019, Gnosis’ workforce currently is comprised of 25.7% women.

If you’re a developer aspiring to build a use case of your own on top of Gnosis, you will find helpful resources on our new developers page, featuring application ideas, our GnosisJS library, as well as a soon-to-be-released DevKit!

As announced in a dedicated blog post, we’ve also updated our timeline and roadmap for 2018 for you to always stay on top of what we’re working on. Check out some cool things to come this year on our timeline page.

We also thoroughly revised our white paper, featuring an updated mission statement, new application possibilities for production markets, further clarification of our business model, and more.

And best of all, we finally have an FAQ which provides you with precise answers to all the questions you might have about prediction markets, their use cases and mechanics; the Gnosis platform layers and infrastructure, all our different products, what we have in store to attract developers who build on our platform, and other efforts to nurture the blockchain ecosystem.

If you have feedback regarding the new website, we would appreciate any and all comments from our community. And if you can, do contribute to documentation, research, or build your own application on top of our platform.

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