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It’s Hackathon Weekend! India’s brightest hackers build Gnosis applications at InOut 4.0

This weekend is all about hackathons 🤓 💻. While part of our team will support a group of brilliant students building apps on top of Gnosis during UC Berkeley’s annual hackathon Cal Hacks, one of our first and smartest Software Engineers Denis along with Alessandro (Business Development Hacker) are headed to Bangalore this weekend, the Silicon Valley of India.

Gnosis is excited to be one of the main sponsors at InOut, India’s biggest community hackathon where technology leaders and some of the brightest minds come together since 2015 to build innovative tools and solve real-world problems. This year, the InOut team received 4500+ applications from 542 institutes across 8 countries in just 25 days while only 5% of all applicants were granted a spot to hack away their ideas. The 500 developers and designers gathering from all over the world will be greatly supported through workshops and mentors during the entire hackathon.

We’ve already mapped out some cool ideas for hackers to build on top of Gnosis. From oracle solutions, alternative user interfaces, chatbots to flight insurance apps, we hope you’ll have fun! The three teams who build the best use cases for prediction markets on Gnosis will get generous prizes:

🥇$3000 worth of GNO tokens
🥈$1000 worth of GNO tokens
🥉$1000 worth of GNO tokens

Excited? Well, we are, too! Along with sponsors like YCombinator, GitLab, Cloudflare, ConsenSys, Digital Ocean, and many more, we’re looking forward to helping you build on October 7–8 at CoWrks in Bangalore!

For our Indian friends: We’re planning to host a meetup in Bangalore on Sunday, October 8th at 3PM IST at HasGeek House and are very much looking forward to seeing you there.

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