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Gold goes to…

The Winners of Gnosis Olympia

Gnosis Olympia, our first prediction market tournament, ended last week and all winnings have been redeemed by the participants. We’re more than excited to announce the winners today!

You were the ones who made the best predictions in our markets on various topics, from the development of Ethereum and exciting projects built on the technology, trending topics in the ecosystem, to global news.

The Winners

🥇Gold goes to…

…the Clairvoyant Ideological Sock, with a total score of 28581.19 OLY. Wow! Congratulations on 10 GNO tokens!

🥈Silver goes to…

…another Clairvoyant: Visible Unicorn, with a total score of 9455.61 OLY. Amazing, you’re taking home 9 GNO tokens!

🥉…and Bronze goes to…

the Fortune Teller Legal Plastic, with a total score of 8659.71 OLY.
8 GNO tokens are yours, congrats!

Below is the rest of our top 10 predictors at Olympia:

The top 10 predictors of Gnosis Olympia.

Don’t worry — if you made it among the top 100 predictors, you will also be rewarded with GNO tokens. The GNO token amount you win depends on your position in the scoreboard.

How to receive GNO rewards?

If you’re among the top 100 predictors, please follow the instructions below to claim your GNO rewards.

  1. Please specify your reward claim wallet address. From any page in Olympia, you’ll see a notification popping up at the very top of the page prompting you to submit your wallet address in order to receive your GNO rewards.
Setup claim address notification banner on the Markets page.
Setup claim address notification window on the Scoreboard page.

2. Click on Set up claim address to be redirected to the scoreboard and enter your Metamask wallet address where you’d like to receive your GNO tokens. Please note that you can register your address only once.

3. Once your claim wallet address is saved, it will be shown in the notification window at the top of the page.

Please register your Metamask address until Friday this week. You can expect your GNO rewards showing up on your Metamask balance by the end of Friday 💸.

Congratulations to all those who made it to the top 100🏆! We’re highly impressed by your predictive skills and can’t wait to see what you’ll predict in our first market on the mainnet — coming soon!

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