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GNO release on May 1, 17:09:49 UTC

The Gnosis auction ended on April 24, 17:09:49 UTC. Exactly one week later GNO tokens can be claimed and transferred. The countdown will end on May 1, 17:09:49 UTC. Our previous statement announced 17:19:49, ten minutes later. This is wrong. Tokens can be claimed 17:09:49 UTC!

The Gnosis team will claim tokens for every bidder. Shortly after May 1, 17:09:49 UTC everyone will receive their GNO tokens. Almost all users will receive their GNO in their Ethereum account used to send ether to the auction contract. However, users who set a different receiver address will receive their GNO in the account specified as the receiver address. Users who participated from Kraken will receive their GNO in their Kraken GNO deposit address directly. It may take a while until Kraken will credit GNO to Kraken accounts.

Very few users mistakenly set a wrong receiver address for GNO tokens. In the rush of the auction they specified the GNO token address or the Dutch auction address as receivers. This GNO is lost. However, we decided to compensate their loss from our GNO supply (total lost GNO is less than 500 GNO).

How to check my GNO balance?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Ethereum address used to send ETH to the auction contract or the receiver address if you specified one. For Kraken participants please use your Kraken GNO deposit address.
  3. After the tokens were claimed successfully and transferred to your account, the token balance on the website will show 0 for your account.

How to claim tokens?

We will claim tokens for you. You don’t have to do anything. But if you want to trigger the claim token process yourself, please follow these steps:

  1. Load this ABI (works with MEW, Mist, Ethereum wallet): ABI
  2. Select the claimTokens function and set the address of the account used to send ETH or the receiver address if you specified one. Once the transaction is mined you will have your GNO credited to your account.

How to transfer GNO?

GNO is an ERC20 token. If your wallet supports tokens natively (like Jaxx, MEW, …), you can use the integrated wallet interface. If it doesn’t you can use the token ABI to trigger a transfer.

  1. Load this ABI (works with MEW, Mist, Ethereum wallet): ABI
  2. Select the transfer function and specify the receiver address and the amount. Remember that GNO tokens, like Ether, have 18 decimals. To transfer 1 GNO the amount has to be specified as 1000000000000000000.

For MyEtherWallet:
1. Click on the “Send Ether and Tokens” tab.
2. Select your wallet option and confirm.
3. Click on “Add Custom Token” and enter the following:

Address: 0x6810e776880c02933d47db1b9fc05908e5386b96
Token Symbol: GNO
Decimals: 18

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