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Breaking the Silence

Part of the Gnosis Team in Gibraltar, July 2017

We know it’s been a while. And we’re sorry for the radio silence. After the token sale in April we went straight to work, hunkered down, and set out to make things happen. During the last four months, we’ve been working hard on several projects that we’re extremely excited to tell you all about in the weeks to come.

When we last spoke, we were 7 people working on Gnosis. Today, we count 25 people to our team. While we’re starting to bring non-technical talent on board, the majority of our team members are extremely creative and sharp developers.

Growing so fast allowed us to work on many different projects simultaneously. We were able to drive some major infrastructure development initiatives forward that turned out to become a necessity for both us and our community. From basic key infrastructure components on Ethereum, the Gnosis core development, interfaces and applications over business cases, organizational structure to legal efforts, we’ve been dealing with an armada of challenges.

It would be impossible to tell you about all the interesting and elaborate projects we’ve worked on over the past few months in a single blog post and do them justice. That’s why we’ve decided to present Gnosis’ new structure in weekly chunks — every week, you’ll be introduced to one of the products we’ve been developing. Radio silence no more!

Gnosis’ Organizational Structure—to be revealed in the coming weeks

To consolidate our efforts of these past months, we all gathered together in Gibraltar for a 5-day strategic retreat. Besides truly getting to know each other over some fantastic Paella and Tinto de Verano (most of us work remotely all over the world), we were able to have in-depth conversations around our overall company vision, goals, strategy, and culture. While chatting over Slack and video calling frequently makes us work together very effectively, it’s been magical to finally meet in person, work with and learn from each other, and discuss ideas face-to-face. We can’t wait to see the impact of our discussions in the months going forward.

We’re super motivated for the rest of 2017 and are committed to achieve some great things together. The first is to be announced tomorrow!
Stay tuned 🙂

Impressions of our Gibraltar retreat
Gnosis Co-founders Stefan and Martin

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