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Announcing Gnosis Olympia

Our first prediction market tournament

In preparation for the official launch of the Gnosis Management Interface, we’re excited to announce Gnosis Olympia — our first prediction market tournament allowing you to try out trading in prediction markets, unlock new levels, gain honorary badges, and most importantly: win GNO tokens!


Login Request via uPort

To participate in our two-week tournament, you’ll need to verify your identity by signing up via the uPort app on Android or iOS.

uPort is a secure, easy-to-use system for self-sovereign identity, built on Ethereum. uPort identities are fully owned and controlled by the creator, and don’t rely on centralized third-parties for creation or validation. Via uPort, you can own and control your personal identity, securely and selectively disclose your data to counterparties, and interact with decentralized applications and smart contracts such as Gnosis.


Dashboard view at the start of the Olympia tournament.

You’ll start off with 200 OLY tokens sitting in your wallet which you will use to make predictions on various topics. OLY is the official play-money token issued for the Olympia tournament. From the Dashboard, you can stay on top of all active markets and your trading activity. To get an overview of your trading activity, the top section will display the balance of OLY tokens you’re currently holding, predicted profits from your investments, the number of markets you’ve already participated in, as well as the predictor badge you’ve been assigned.


The Markets page will provide you with an overview of all prediction markets.

Using your OLY tokens, you can participate in prediction markets of your choice via the Markets page. As you unlock new levels, new prediction markets with varying resolution dates will be offered to you so your predictive skills keep being challenged.

Every two days, you’ll also get a top-up of new OLY tokens that you can trade to unlock new markets and climb up the scoreboard.


The more profits you make from correctly predicted events,

…the higher you rank on the scoreboard

Keep track of your rank on the scoreboard and get competitive!

Your points are automatically registered in the scoreboard where you can keep track of your rank compared to other participants and hopefully get (more and more) competitive 😉

The score is the sum of OLY tokens you hold (tokens you won — tokens you’ve lost) plus the predicted profits you’re going to make out of the prediction markets you participated in.

…the fancier the badge you’ll receive

Predictor Badges

As you make more predictions, you’ll gain honorary predictor badges — will you remain a Junior Predictor 🔍 , become a Fortune Teller 🃏, or even call yourself a Psychic 🙇‍ ?

…and the more GNO tokens you win!

If you’re among the top 100 predictors, you will be rewarded with GNO tokens. In case you get to the top 10, your GNO rewards will increase based on your final score.

Gnosis Olympia will run for two weeks. While we’ll be announcing the exact start date in the coming days, get ready by verifying your wallet via the uPort app below:

Looking forward to seeing you in Olympia🏅

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