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Announcing Full Node

Full Node, Europe’s largest co-working space for blockchain companies opens in Berlin

Gnosis and Cosmos/Tendermint open Europe’s largest co-working space for blockchain companies

In the blockchain community, we believe that information should be shared, continually reconciled, and truly public. While the technology still is in its development stages, it is especially important for a young ecosystem to be grounded in a common space to work and closely collaborate towards making the technology more mature.

It is that belief that motivates us to build one of the first co-working hubs for the blockchain community in Europe. In April 2018, we will be opening Full Node, the European Blockchain Hub in Berlin on Skalitzer Straße 85–86, right in the center of the vibrant Berlin neighborhood of Kreuzberg. The name “Full Node” refers to computers in a blockchain network that verify all transactions and consensus rules. Full nodes form the backbone of a blockchain network.

Full Node is located on Skalitzer Straße 85–86 in Berlin Kreuzberg

The 1000m² co-working space on the 3rd floor will have room for about 100 people who can spread out in either separate company offices, shared meeting rooms, hang-out areas, or in the open co-working space. Meetups, workshops, and hackathons can be hosted in a designated event area, featuring a built-in café.

Parts of Berlin reachable within 30 min of public transport (via

Kreuzberg is an important business district in the dynamic and up-and-coming city for entrepreneurs. It’s home to some of the city’s best restaurants, bars, and clubs, and an easy commute via public transportation from all parts of Berlin.

Amenities within 1km (Courtesy of LXSY architekten).

We’re doing this together with our amazing partners at Cosmos/Tendermint. A project led by the Interchain Foundation, Cosmos is a network of blockchains that allows many independent blockchains to interoperate with each other, creating a deep integration of the virtual token economy, and providing a path toward blockchain scaling. The technology underpinning the Cosmos Network is a state of the art proof-of-stake blockchain engine called Tendermint Core. The team behind Tendermint is also developing an inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC) which facilitates communication between blockchains as TCP/IP did for computers to form the World Wide Web.

While we’re still deciding on the teams moving in with us, don’t hesitate to reach out about open spaces.

Floor Plan

Crypto projects reflect Berlin’s creative spirit

With its flourishing creative and startup scene, world-class developer talent, regulations that put a strong focus on anonymity and privacy protection, affordable office and co-working spaces, and low living costs combined with a high quality of life, Berlin has emerged as one of the most vibrant blockchain ecosystems globally. Many well-known developers and projects both mature and new have chosen it as their home. The city’s creative and alternative character resonates with those pursuing the transformative power of blockchain technology.

Although London has been long considered as the European hotspot for blockchain developers, its high living, labor, and office space costs as well as the increasingly complicated regulatory framework due to Brexit seem to slow down the development of more creative blockchain applications.

Ready to become the European Blockchain Capital

Incidentally, Berlin Kreuzberg’s neighborhood is also home to the world’s first real-world establishment that accepts Bitcoin payments. Room 77, where beer and burgers could be purchased with Bitcoin in 2011, also hosts regular meetups where blockchain enthusiasts come together. Other well-frequented meetups contributing to the dynamic ecosystem include the Blockchain and Ethereum meetups, where people meet to discuss interesting projects, exchange ideas, or talk about recent topics featured in the Epicenter podcast.

Berlin’s location in the heart of the EU, the blooming scene of young and motivated companies, the world-class engineering and creative talent, as well as more and more investors who are eager to invest in the location provides the city with a unique opportunity to become the blockchain capital of Europe. Berlin couldn’t be readier for this.

We’re grateful to Cosmos/Tendermint and the technology community in Berlin for helping us to build the future.

If you’d like to inquire about open working spaces for your team, please visit our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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