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An Ode to you, Fortune Tellers

Who will win the Olympia tournament?

A first Recap of Gnosis Olympia

Today’s the last day of our first prediction market tournament, Gnosis Olympia, and hence your last chance to trade in our prediction markets and take home GNO tokens!

Within the past two weeks, you’ve been predicting events on various topics in Olympia, from the development of Ethereum and exciting projects built on the technology, trending topics in the ecosystem, to global news.

You jumped up (or down) the scoreboard, received fancy badges (did you ever get to the final Psychic badge or remained a Junior Predictor?), and hopefully won GNO as a reward for your predictions.

Since our tournament resumes tonight, we wanted to take the time to thank our community for the great support and feedback on the product, it’s been extremely helpful to us. We’ve been following along your predictions closely every day, and are proud to share some first stats around the tournament below.

Trading Volume

While we actually included a market on Olympia’s total trading volume which predicted it to surpass 500,000 OLY with a probability of about 43%, the actual trading volume on Olympia at the time of writing is at 714,052 OLY.

Olympia participants seem to have felt most confident about the market cap of Ethereum vs. Ripple which has received total investments of about 104,740 OLY. Whether Olympia will make it to the front page of the r/ethereum subreddit within the first three days of its launch wasn’t too sure for most participants, that’s probably why this market traded with the lowest volume at 4538 OLY.


Olympia has powered 8416 total transactions so far, from which 1516 were sell orders, and 6900 buy orders. Amazing!

While 635 users have predicted in at least one market throughout the entire tournament, the average number of prediction per participant lies at about 12.


Currently, the top three predictors are “ideological sock”, “visible unicorn”, and “naked harbor”. Will “ideological sock” take home the first prize of the Olympia tournament tonight? Predict on it here!

Scoreboard as of 1/5/2018, 5:48PM CET

Redeem your winnings!

Since we calculate the final score as the sum of OLY tokens you hold (tokens you won and redeemed from correctly predicted events), don’t forget to redeem your winnings via a market’s detail page or your dashboard within one week after the end of the tournament.

Redeem your winnings on a market’s detail page

Once all winnings are redeemed by the participants, we will follow up with a step-by-step guide on how to receive GNO rewards for the top 100 predictors.

The Finale

Don’t miss your chance to jump up the scoreboard one last time tonight and make final predictions in our new markets on the top-secret Zuma satellite by SpaceX, the market cap of Ethereum vs. Ripple, or even on the winner of the Olympia tournament. Olympia will end at midnight (UTC).

Stay tuned on more stats and winners to be announced early next week!

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