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36 hours for students to hack away on Gnosis use cases at Cal Hacks 4.0

Gnosis sponsoring this year’s edition of Cal Hacks

Developing on the Blockchain isn’t part of the standard curriculum of a Computer Science degree program just yet. This will hopefully change in the coming years! To accelerate this change, introduce smart and talented students to the Blockchain technology, and get them excited about the power of developing on Ethereum, Gnosis will be one of the main sponsors of this year’s edition of Cal Hacks, the world’s largest student hackathon hosted by UC Berkeley.

Last year, Cal Hacks brought together 1700 hackers from 100 schools and 5 countries to spend 36 hours straight on building any type of project, from mind-controlled Teslas to stunning mobile applications. What the panel of industry judges cares about most is creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and utility of the project.

For this year’s edition of the hackathon, Gnosis’ team members Collin (our Developer Advocate studying EECS at UC Berkeley), Alan (Algorithms Engineer), and Matt (Chief Strategist) will talk about prediction markets and get students up and running on GnosisJS and our Management Interface. The team of hackers who builds the best use case for prediction markets will get a generous prize—paid out in GNO tokens of course!

Cal Hacks 4.0 is taking place at UC Berkeley on October 6–8. Along with sponsors like Microsoft, a16z, Facebook, Nasdaq, PayPal, Google, and many others, we’re more than excited to see and help a diverse group of brilliant hackers create impactful and innovate projects. Go Bears! 🐻 🚀

For Bay Area folks: We’re planning to host a meetup in San Francisco on Sunday afternoon, October 8th and are very much looking forward to seeing you there. Details coming soon!

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