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Such Updates!

Yes, we are delivering the goods!

We could not be happier to be writing this article.

We have some HUGE announcements to finally share with you!

Over the past few months, we have been designing, building, testing, and breaking our platform.

Working tirelessly to improve the bugs that were found during the alpha.

Not only has our dev team been busy, but so has our design team. See why, below!

So what do we have to Announce?

Today, we are happy to announce that the beta will be officially launching to all our presale participants!

Yes, only presale participants.


During the upcoming week we will be releasing more information on when we will be opening up the beta to the everyone!

This is an exciting time to be part of FirstBlood as we continue to making our vision a reality!

Want a Sneak Peak? Here is a Taste!

Claim your spot in the beta!

Two Options:

1 — Signup for Beta at & be part of the first to know!

2 — Tune into the Final Match of our BITS tournament next weekend!

It is just the beginning!

With beta we have launched some great features we think you will truly enjoy, to start, but; there is much more to come in the following months!

When joining the beta, you are not only joining the present platform but every new exciting feature we have in the pipeline. And yes, there is a lot to look forward too that we will be sharing shortly!

Second HUGE Announcement!

FirstBlood is Rebranding!

After months of brand discovery, design, revisions and internal discussion we have completed our rebrand. Today, we are proud to showcase our new branding to the world!

Our initial branding worked well for us to this point. We liked it, but collectively decided, to grow and be the face of blockchain based eSports, we had to level up.

Our vision for the FirstBlood could not be clearer and we wanted to ensure that we rebranded as such.

Today, FirstBlood takes steps toward the brand of the future for blockchain based eSports.

We didn’t not just change our logo, we designed and developed an entire new website too!

Take a look for yourself at!

We are excited about what is to come and to continue leading the blockchain based eSports community!

Stay Tuned!

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