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Sector X Ineligible for BITS

Qualified BITS Team removed due to ongoing Valve bans

Within one day of the commencement of our review process, the FirstBlood team has come to a clear conclusion that one team (thus far) will be ineligible for the BITS Americas tournament. With four of five team members having ongoing Valve bans, the decision was clear.

After reviewing the current roster, the team at FirstBlood has concluded that Sector X is ineligible to compete in BITS Americas 2017.

This decision is based on the ongoing valve bans faced by four of their five rostered players (VANN, ZTOK, MSTCO, SMASH) due to their involvement with a well known match fixing scandal.

In light of this, and as per the rules of the tournament (4. Eligibility), Sector X are ineligible to compete in BITS Americas 2017.

“Any Team roster containing any Player known to be banned from participation in any esport event is expressly ineligible to participate in the Tournament.”

Please note, the FirstBlood team makes no assumption to the guilt or innocence of the aforementioned players.

The team at FirstBlood would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our strict stance on cheating and commitment to integrity in esports. We will endeavor to hold ourselves and the teams competing in our events to the highest standard of integrity, so as to create a more competitive environment that is more enjoyable to everyone involved; teams, players, sponsors, and fans alike.

We will be continuing the review period throughout this week. Do you want to be the first to know about any new updates? We will be keeping everyone updated here, on our blog and, and on our twitter account (@firstbloodio).

Thank you,

From Everyone on the FirstBlood Team

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