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People’s Choice Qualifier Voting Review

Each team will be reviewed before the final results are announced

Current standings, prior to review.

After two weeks of gruesome battling, sharing and, voting, the People’s Choice Qualifier round of BITS Americas 2017 has come to a close (voting closed at midnight (EST) last night, the 29th of October).

Teams from all over North and South America threw caution to the wind and put their fate in the hands of their fans; relying on their ability to rally an unruly horde of voting mayhem.

The final days and hours were a bloodthirsty race as the top eight appeared to be a revolving door; as soon as any team looked to have solidified their standing, they were usurped by another team hungry for glory and a taste of the $10,000 prize pool.

Time for Review

As the dust settles over the battlefield, the team here at FirstBlood will take the next few days to review each of the teams in the top eight to ensure that they are both eligible to compete and can complete their scheduled requirements.

We will be running down each team roster to check for any faults, violations, bans, and more. FirstBlood takes cheating very seriously and will not allow any team to take part if they have outstanding bans on their roster.

By the end of this week, eight teams will emerge as champions of the People’s Choice Qualifier and move on the the main event of BITS Americas 2017.

Want to be the first to know about our review period? We will be keeping everyone updated here, on our blog and, and on our twitter account (@firstbloodio).

Tune in to BITS Americas!

The main event for BITS kicks off on Tuesday the 7th of November at 17:00 (that’s 5PM, people!) US Eastern Time over on our Twitch.

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