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Our Biggest Feature, YET!

OVER $4,000 in Prizes to Celebrate!

Welcome Battle Mates!

Today, we come to you all with something we are more than proud to be showcasing. After weeks of work, testing, more testing and, polishing, we are extremely excited to be announcing our newest, massive feature.


We are adding the ability to run tournaments on auto pilot!

You heard it right.

Automated Tournaments

Experience a truly seamless tournament experience on

Once initiated, your only focus will be on winning.

…As FirstBlood takes care of the rest.

This means, FirstBlood will start hosting tournaments. A lot more tournaments for all players!! Not just pros or semi-pros, but for whomever wants to compete.

All with our new tech!

So how will it look from a player’s point of view?

You and your team will see a tournament you want to compete in. There will be a few! A check-in time will be present, as per usual for majority of tournaments. Ensure every member of your FirstBlood check’s-in for the desired tournament. Once the tournament check-in process concludes, the new tournament feature takes over, automatically placing you and your team appropriately in brackets. In moments you’ll be face-to-face with your opponent followed by an in-game lobby invite to play. After a match is completes, watch how your team automatically progresses along the bracket real-time.

With Tournaments, we now offer players another way to win. No longer are players restricted to just ladder.

And yes, it is all still 100%, FREE!

I hope you’re all ready for this, because we have a lot planned following this launch.

To start?

Celebrating this milestone with the community! Prepare for Tournament Week!

The pros are wrapping up the $10,000 BITS Americas tournament this coming week. And we couldn’t think of a better way to give back to the community that has helped us get here.

Launching our boldest product to date, we will be giving away $4,000+ in prize pools for any team to grab during Tournament Week.

We will be hosting dozens of Dota 2 tournaments over an eight day period with prizes ranging from $5 to $1700!

Keep an eye on the main events, taking place on days 5, 6, 7 and 8! With fantastic prizes (up to $1,700 per winner is no pocket money!) these four “kings” are reserved for qualified teams. We’ll run 20 qualifiers through the week so every team will have plenty of chance to become eligible!

Badges for Tournaments During Tournament Week

Each tournament is limited to 32 slots so make sure you and your teammates register soon enough. All the details are available on our tournament week webpage, here.

We will host daily tournaments with increasing prize pools throughout the week all free to enter!

** Must be 18 years of age or older to participate

When is Tournament Week?

Tournament Week will start November 19th.

But we have opened up preregistration for the limited team slots, NOW.

Get in while team slots are available.

The final tournaments being held on November 26th.

Want to Participate? Follow these 5 Easy Steps


Have each member of your entire team registered on


Have a team member “Create a Team”


Ensure each desired team member is added to your Team Roster.


Register your team to the tournament of your choice.


Lastly, each team member must Check-In for the appropriate tournament.

Have any further question to registering? Looking for an in-depth guide to the process? We got one with photos and everything! Take Me to the Guide


You must be 18 years of age or older. You do not have to be a certain skill level, however, we want to be clear, just as there are no lower limits to join, there are no upper limits either! Literally any skill level can join.

Fun fact; your team can register for as many tournaments as you’d like!

Cost to Compete in Tournament Week?

Free to Enter!

It’s November, not April, we are serious!

So get your team together.

Tournaments are here. We truly hope you enjoy and we can’t wait for you to experience what we’ve built.

Preregister Today by heading over to

From all of us on the team,

Thank you

Want to learn more? Join our community!

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