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Open Beta has Launched!

To Everyone This Time!

After a week of solid testing, the presale participants exclusive beta period has come to an end. It is now time to open our foundation for the FirstBlood platform to the world!

What Titles Are We Starting With?

As of right now, we are only supporting one title and that title is Dota 2. We do plan on adding more tier one titles such as CS:GO, League of Legends (LoL), Overwatch, PUBG and many more!

What to Expect in Beta

We are launching the foundation to what will be built on and will continuously add new features, options, designs, and more as we grow and progress from beta to full release.

There is much to come, but FirstBlood foundation starts with;

  • Matchmaking system that we will continue to improve
  • The option to game with your friends and your teams, or to join solo queue — choose wisely
  • Hero Analytics; Play a hero and we’ll provide you updated analytics in your profile
  • Create your own team, Add your logo, Add a cover photo. Invite your teammates and friends. Track performances with some key statistics for your team and each player on the roster!
  • Token System. Starting with play tokens…for now
  • Friends List! Wohoo, Friends!
  • In app notifications
  • Weekly Ladder! Who will take home the prizes by battling to the top in this feature. The top players will be rewarded for their guts and glory. We are delivering some unique prizes for the winners of the first Ladder! Signup and take a peek to see what we are delivering
  • And More!

Now that Beta is Launched, What’s Next for FirstBlood?

We are proud of the improvements made from our alpha, however; we still have a lot work ahead of us! We truly believe, we are just getting started!

There will still be bugs, there will still be issues and, there will still be much more to come.

We can’t tell you everything we have coming your way … but… we can’t help but share some of



We received great feedback through just the first week with our presale participants and look forward to you and the FirstBlood community to continuously send us any and all bug, issues, errors, etc. We want you to share with us. We encourage you to share with us. By doing so, we can continue to better improve and fix any and all bugs that you may find!

If you do recognize a bug or issue of any kind, please email [email protected]

You can also also join our forums to post and discuss at

Dev Blog Updates

Now that we have a public platform, we want to ensure everyone is able to see what dev. updates have occurred. We will start sharing weekly Dev. Blog Updates on each weeks progress, bug fixes and, anything else that may of changed from the week, prior.

We want you to know exactly what we have done to better improve your experience and what new features may have been launched!

We hope you are all ready for what is to come with FirstBlood.
Stay tuned, for we are just starting.

With thousands of community members that continues to grow daily, it is a really exciting time to be part of the FirstBlood community.

Come join our family of gamers as we continue to build the future of competitive gaming and esports!

And yes, even game with the FirstBlood staff!

Want to learn more? Join our community!

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