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How-To Participate in Tournaments

An In-Depth Guide


Have each member of your entire team registered on


Players signing up to Firstblood via our tournament page will be greeted with a friendly popup which will enable them to create their team on the fly. Existing players on FirstBlood will find the team widget in the right column of the page. Clicking the big blue CREATE TEAM button will startup the process of…you guessed it…creating a team!

Alternatively, you can create team via clicking the CREATE TEAM button found hidden in the dropdown menu accessed from the top right corner of the header.

Once you click the CREATE TEAM button, we’ll open up a popup split to two steps. You’ll name your team and let us know about your team’s nationality in the first step and add members in the second step.


If you already have future teammates playing on our platform, adding them is as easy as it gets — just start typing their names in the input field below. For all fresh players just starting with the Firstblood experience, we’ll provide an alternative option of simply copying a unique link and posting it to social media or sending it to your friends via email. All friends responding and clicking that unique link will automatically become your teammates once signed up.

You can add members to your team later too. Just open up your team profile page by clicking your team name in the widget, click on settings and choose ROSTER from the menu on the left.


You’ll find tournament section hidden behind the tournament icon in the left sidebar

Clicking that icon will open a tournament list page which from you can select any of the tournaments by simply clicking in the cell which will open a unique overview page of the tournament you’d like to attend with your team.

Another big blue button to click on!

Once registered, invites will get sent out to your teammates. Remember, in order to reserve a slot in the tournament, ALL MEMBERS MUST CONFIRM REGISTRATION.


Once check-in period starts, you and your teammates must confirm the attendance by clicking the (BLUE!) check-in button. To make things a little easier and harder to miss, we’ll serve you and your team a friendly reminder in a shape of a popup to make sure you don’t miss out.

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