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How to Become a FirstBlood Partner

Be Part of the “Dream to Stream” Team

Hello All!

FirstBlood team here! Hope you all have been enjoying the 1v1 feature and competing for your chance to earn some great prizes!

Today, we are proud to announce the initiation of FirstBlood’s “Dream to Stream” Partnership Program! We have been silently building this program for quite some time now.

What is the FirstBlood “Dream to Stream” Partnership Program?

This is our opportunity to engage the Twitch Streaming community. Some of us on the FirstBlood team (Robert from Marketing, being one of them!) use to stream at a point in our lives and we all truly love the streaming space. We understand the passion for your stream, the dedication you put into it, and want to work with you like no other partner you may already have. To truly build a partnership.

Our partnership program will be looking to work directly with ambitious streamers on daily, weekly and, monthly basis. To play on our platform, to be showcased on our channels, earn while doing what you love, and more. Streamers will be treated like part of the family!

We feel this a fantastic opportunity for our partnered streamers to take their stream to the next level with FirstBlood.

Apply Today

There was a lot of discussion if we should hand pick the streamers to partner with, only work with “high-profile” streamers or, if we should allow anyone and everyone to apply.

We weighed the options, knew we could pay a high profile streamers to work with us. This doesn’t mean we are never going to go down that path; however, we wanted to work with the people who had the same passion and vision as we do for FirstBlood. To build something great that we know people will love and enjoy.

Well, today we are happy to state that we decided to open this application opportunity to the world.


Because, FirstBlood fundamentally believes that anyone should have the opportunity to go pro.

This doesn’t just apply for gamers, but for streamers as well. We want to open up our application for any aspiring streamer that wants to potentially have their first or fifth sponsor to help them potentially “go pro” streaming. The dreamers who see themselves becoming full-time professional streamers.

If you have a burning desire to take your stream to the next level or, looking for your next partner, we encourage you to apply today.

What are the Benefits?

We are looking to reward our partners with FirstBlood swag, priority support and feedback to the platform, opportunities for promotions across official channels, exclusive content on the FirstBlood platform, and of course, to earn doing what you love to name a few.

Who should apply?

Everyone should apply, BUT we will be placing priority over a few factors;

1 — PC Gamers

2 — English Speaking Twitch Streamers

3 — Dedicated and Passionate Streamers. You have a schedule and you stick to it. Yes, we will look!

4 — You are active on Social Media with your Audience

5— The final point; Dota 2 Players. Even if you don’t play Dota 2 now, if you are willing to play, learn and stream Dota 2 — comment that in the last spot on the application.

Not a Twitch streamer and/or a non English speaking streamer?

As of right now, we are looking for English speaking Twitch streamers only; but, we plan to expand the partnership program opportunities to different regions and platforms around the world in the future.

If you are a streamer on an alternative platform, and/or English is not your native language on your stream, please, include on the final question both, what platform you use and, what language you speak on your stream!

If you have dreams to stream professionally, then apply!

That is it, everyone.

We will be start reaching out to applicants in the coming weeks. We hope to see you all participate on the platform and get a feel for it after applying, too!

Thank You and Best of Luck!!

From All of Us on the Team

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