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FirstBlood Defers Founder Token Allocation

TLDR: We have decided not to unlock 1ST tokens allocated to the founding team just yet.

1st staying in the vault

One of the key lessons we have learned during our time in the blockchain space is that careful alignment of incentives is the best way to promote a desired behavior or result from otherwise disparate parties. From gas price economics and ice age dynamics to token structures and allocations, incentives play a key role in this ecosystem.

Recognizing this, we — the founders of FirstBlood — feel it is necessary to align our incentives in a way that will solidify our commitment to the long-term development and success of FirstBlood, Ethereum, and esports. With this in mind, we have decided not to allocate the founding team’s tokens until we feel we have achieved the following (based on our internal metrics):

  • A robust esports platform that is able to scale to multiple popular gaming titles
  • Network adoption to a wide user base of competitive gamers
  • A sufficient basis for esports integrity and competition standards.

There is a long journey ahead for us and success will not happen overnight.

We are humbled by the trust and overwhelming support we’ve received from the Ethereum community. But this is just the early sign of life for us. Over the next few years and beyond, we will grow FirstBlood into a thriving community of passionate gamers, powered by blockchain and cryptoeconomics.

We hope that by laying out our intentions for the founder token allocation, we can assure you that we are in this for the long haul.

Put your money where your mouse is.


CEO @ FirstBlood

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