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China General Administration of Sport and

China General Administration of Sport (CISS) to adopt FirstBlood for China University Esports League (CUEL)

Hello Battle Mates!

In place of this week’s Developer Update, we have something slightly different to present.

We are excited to announce a brand new partnership and opportunity that will help FirstBlood expand further into the Chinese market.

Stemming from our recent relationship with MOLD (a blockchain based game publisher), FirstBlood has entered a partnership with the China General Administration of Sport (CISS).

The CISS will utilize the FirstBlood platform to host one of its flagship events; the China University Esports League (CUEL).

The CUEL is a national Chinese esports competition, comprising tens of thousands of universities and hundreds of thousands of competitors each year.

By utilizing the Firstblood platform, the CUEL will be able to reduce tournament administration overhead. In turn, this enables greater focus on creating a smoother and more enjoyable experience everyone.

“The CUEL is an incredible series of some of the most exciting and competitive esports events in the world. With our revolutionary blockchain based esports technology, we look forward to creating an even more thrilling and overall better experience for everyone involved.”

— Joe Zhou, Co-founder and CEO of FirstBlood.

Leveraging this mutual relationship and official usage from CISS, will allow the full spectrum of tournament and event organizers to utilize our technology. This can range from corporate partners to local LAN parties! All will be eligible to incorporate our technology to automate the administration of their events.

Our relationship with the CISS is the first of many expected relationships as part of the exploratory partnership with MOLD. With this exciting new partnership we look to offer supplementary reward opportunities for gamers to win on the FirstBlood platform through the use of MOLD’s tokenized game content.

“Mold’s technology has tremendous potential to increase the usability of popular game items and allow players who play multiple game titles to manage their in game assets.”

— Joe Zhou, Co-founder and CEO of FirstBlood.

With these new and exciting partnerships, FirstBlood takes one more step towards integrating blockchain technology with esports. Exciting time are ahead with more news always around the corner.

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