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Blood In the Streets! (BITS)

Registered Pro Teams for BITS

The FirstBlood Team is excited to announce our first professional online Dota 2 tournament; Blood in the Streets (or BITS for short)!

The main event will be an eight team double-elimination tournament, that will kick off on June 12th, with 7 teams invited by us and one team selected through our People’s Choice Qualifier.

The eight teams will compete for a piece of the $5,000 prize pool and of course for the glory of being being crowned the 2017 BITS EU champions.

We have already locked in six of the hottest teams in Dota 2 right now: Ninjas in Pyjamas, Gambit, Singularity, ProDota Gaming, Crescendo, and Danish Bears.

With one more invitee yet to be confirmed and one team still to prove themselves in our People’s Choice Gauntlet — ahem, Qualifier — the event is shaping up to be an exciting edition to this summer’s jam packed schedule of professional Dota 2 tournaments.

The People’s Choice Qualifier will be an 8 team single-elimination one-day event held on June 8th. Finals for the qualifier will be a best of three, all other qualifier matches will be best of one.

Registration for the People’s Choice Qualifier is open now and closes on Tuesday the 6th of June. To get your team selected, head over to, hit one of the many registration buttons, fill in your details, and start rallying your fans to your cause. We will select the eight teams who’s fans make the most noise, so do whatever you can to whip your fans into a frenzy! Don’t forget to tag us at @firstbloodio on twitter and use the hashtag #playbits.

I hear some of you saying “OK this BITS thing sounds awesome, but who the heck is FirstBlood?”

Fair question, we are definitely the new kids on the block. So here’s a short intro:

At we are building a competitive esports platform using Ethereum blockchain technology that will provide matchmaking and tournaments for all of the major esports titles, starting with Dota 2 and eventually expanding into CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch, Smite and anything else noteworthy that pops up in the near future. We are still in the early stages of development, currently a closed alpha limited to our presale participants, but will launch our beta product later this year.

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