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Blood in the Streets action returns this weekend after a quick TI7 qualifier hiatus.

ICYMI: Blood in the Streets (BITS) is FirstBlood’s first foray into the professional Dota 2 scene. The first two weeks of action included a brutal Bo1 single-elimination people’s choice qualifiers series and the first round of the main event. We’re picking up where we left off this Saturday (July 1st) at 17:00 CEST with a crucial upper-bracket semi-final matchup between Singularity and Cyber Anji! The rest of the week will be jam packed with games as we finish the upper bracket, move into the elimination games in the lower bracket, and the progress on to the Bo5 final series at the end of the week!

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People’s Choice Qualifier

In the week leading up to June 8th, teams from all over Europe, the CIS, and even a few from across the pond battled it out on social media to earn a place in the BITS People’s Choice Qualifier. The 8 teams whose fans made the most noise on twitter with the #playBITS hashtag were selected to compete in a cutthroat one-day Bo1 single-elimination bracket.

The quality of teams that showed up for the People’s Choice Qualifier totally exceeded expectation (four of the eight teams battled it out in the main qualifier for TI7 this week).

With Penta and Comanche falling in the semi-finals, ultimately, we wish we could have qualified more of the teams through to the main event! But M19 stole the day, with a 2–1 win over EPG in the Bo3 final series, which saw both teams qualify for the main event.

BITS Main Event

Along with our two teams from the People’s Choice Qualifier, six of the best from across Europe and the CIS were invited to take part in the bo3 double-elimination action of our BITS main event.

Danish Bears pushed Gambit to a 3rd game in the first round before eventually falling to the lower bracket along with EPG who lost in a clean 2–0 sweep to ProDota Gaming (now known as Planet Dog) in their first round matchup. The ensuing lower bracket matchup between Danish Bears and EPG was a quick 2–0 sweep which saw Danish Bears staying alive to fight another round in the lower bracket and EPG being eliminated as the tournament’s first blood.

Each of the other first round matchups were clean 2–0 sweeps, with Singularity taking care of Crescendo and Cyber Anji making short work of M19.

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Upcoming Matches

Singularity and Cyber Anji will lead off the second half of BITS with their upper bracket semifinal face off on July 1st at 17:00 CEST. Followed by more elimination games in the lower bracket as the week progresses towards the final. Crescendo and M19 are next on the elimination chopping block, the date and time of this crucial matchup will be decided as soon as both teams return from their TI7 main qualifier boot camps.

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