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Beta Dev Update (9)

What our devs worked on in week 9 of the Beta

Hello Battle Mates,

Welcome to the FirstBlood Open Beta Week 9 Developer Update!

This week we have made a few changes and fixes to create a more fluid experience, along with enhancing our “General Rules” for the weekly ladder.


One common issue our users have encountered is receiving a match dodging cooldown for inadvertently missing a match because they had missed a Dota 2 update. We have all been there.

Fear not, we have implemented a simple yet effective fix.

You now have more time between receiving your lobby invite and receiving a cooldown. Huzzah!

You should still always make sure your Dota 2 client is up to date before joining the queue. But in the rare case that you forget, or the much more common case that Valve releases one of their many daily Dota 2 updates while you are in the queue, you now have a more time to update your client and join the lobby.


Over the past week we identified and banned several accounts attempting to artificially boost their weekly ladder results.

We quickly identified the offending accounts and monitored them throughout the week.

The offending accounts were guilty of two main violations:

  1. Dodging:
    Not connecting to any game after you have been matched with an opponent.
  2. Throwing:
    Deliberately, or actively attempting to, lose in a team game is strictly prohibited. This could include, but is not limited to, feeding, stalling, deliberately neglecting objectives, going AFK, etc.

During the alpha and beta we have had relatively short cooldowns for users who miss their lobby invites, to make sure everyone can get back to testing and enjoying the platform sooner should something go wrong.

However, in light of the recent abuse, cooldown times will now aggressively scale with multiple successive dodges. Effectively removing repeat offenders from the competition.


We have UPDATED the rules.

FirstBlood takes cheating seriously and it will not be tolerated.

By updating our “General rules” we can ensure that fair and proper punishment is given to those who seek to undermine the system and ruin the experience for everyone else.

Want to read our updated rules? Head to the FirstBlood Ladder and click “General Rules” to scroll our newly polished rules.

FIND RULES; Login, Top Right Corner of Platform, Click Username, Click Ladder, Click General rules

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Connect to match timer increased from 4 to 5 minutes
Fixed: Logo on browser notification
Fixed: Minor translation fixes


Added: Updated ladder rules
Added: Increased queue dodge penalties

As always, because we are in Beta, there will be more bugs!

If you find one, please do not hesitate to join our discord channel (main community channel), email us at [email protected], or simply hit the live chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of the app to report what you have found.

If you have not checked out our beta, signup and compete for valuable skins for free at

Until Next Week, Development Team

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