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Beta Dev Update (26)

What our devs worked on in week 26 of the Beta

Hello Players!!

We are excited to be writing our newest blog on what we have uncovered, fixed and, added since our last post!

One major bug that many may have experienced was our site speeds dramatically decreasing throughout the previous week. This will be touched on, below!

Bug Fixes

Fixed; Optimized Database

The bug that was halting every player from using the FirstBlood platform. If you attempted to use the site and it seemed “down” or, unbelievably slow, this was the bug. Once discovered, we instantly started working around the clock to fix this bug.

We uncovered that because of the growth over the past few days and weeks, we have accelerated part of database usage that ended up resulting in this bug. Because of this we had to make adjustments and optimizations that will help us scale accordingly moving forward with this bug no longer in sight!


Added; Site Optimization

As the team started to solve and optimize for the bug reported above, we decided to optimize more of the site, too.

One optimization was the “search” feature. A feature that we have found to be popular. Players looking for teammates, teams and/or, friends, too. With that, prior to optimizing this feature, the platform would pull a request that would have taken more time and loaded an abundance of information. We found players usually knew who or what they were “searching” for. Now, after optimizing, we have reduced the load time and, created a more efficient amount of populated data immediately.

Please take a look into our newest Feedback Forum, HERE!

If you haven’t tried the beta, yet.. get to it!

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Until Next Time, Development Team

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