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Beta Dev Update (24)

What our devs worked on in week 24 of the Beta

Happy New Year FirstBlood Players!

We are happy to be back and excited to kick start the new year. Recharged and re-calibrated from the holidays. To say we are excited about this year is an understatement.

This first Dev Update is focused on FirstBlood infrastructure improvements that will ultimately make for a better experience.

Bug Fixes

Fixed; User Banning for Queue Dodging / Not Accepting Matches

This “bug fix” was a submission on our Feedback Forum that we instantly took action on. Thank you again to the community for bringing this opportunity to us!

What was discovered from the community feedback was that users were matching with a player and then not “confirming” their match. This was a way to “dodge” the queue to match up with the person you desire too and not receive a penalty. We have changed this now for an overall better and more organic experience.

Updated ban times for not accepting matches;

`1 -> 1 minute`
`2 -> 2 minutes`
`3 -> 5 minutes`
`4 -> 15 minutes`
`5 -> 30 minutes`
`6 -> 60 minutes`


Added; Tournament Admin Improvements!
Added; Monitoring and Infrastructure Tool Sets

The team is quite excited to be continuously improving the tournament experience. The Tournament Admin Improvements include functionality that a user may not see but will be very useful for the FirstBlood team and others that may need access.

With more users discovering FirstBlood, we are constantly focusing on bug spotting. Ensuring that if and when a technical bug occurs on the platform, we are able to recognize and fix as quick as possible. The newly added monitoring and infrastructure tool sets have been further improved for just that.

2018 is going to full of player facing and technical advancements. We truly look forward to the year and hope you are all as excited as we are!

REMEMBER, we love feedback and always appreciate hearing from our community. Please take a look into our newest Feedback Forum, HERE!

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Until Next Time, Development Team

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