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Beta Dev Update (20)

What our devs worked on in week 20 of the Beta

Just in case you missed it, last week’s post from our CEO Joe Zhou.
He gave us a great wrap up on everything that has been accomplished here at FirstBlood in 2017, along with hinting at the things that could come in 2018.

2018 — the year of FirstBlood

Along with our regular dev update, this week we are excited to announce our migration from Slack to the open-source messaging platform Rocket.Chat.

3…2…1…Lift Off

Earlier in the year, the entire Ethereum community was plagued by a string of phishing attempts on the Slack teams of many prominent projects. In response, we have decided to follow suite with the industry best practice, and the example set by several notable Ethereum projects (Aragon, Golem, and OmiseGO to name a few), and have migrated our Slack team to Rocket.Chat.

Our new Rocket.Chat instance is already up and running at Come join the conversation!

For those of you migrating with us, you will find your account ready and waiting. Just hit the “ Forgot your password” button to create a new password for your account.

And now to this week’s FirstBlood development update.

Dev Update

Bug Fixes

Fixed; Login, Authentication Refactor & Error Handling


Added; Steam Status Notifications
Added; Enhanced Match Details

Both of this week’s additions were driven by community requests.

With Steam Status Notifications, you will now be notified of service disruptions to steam that might influence your experience on FirstBlood right from within the FirstBlood app.

Our enhanced match details now display the selected hero and items in real time for active games!

We are excited about the potential of this minor feature and are proud to bring another feature the community has requested to fruition.

As always, we are in Beta, watch out for bugs!

If you find one, please do not hesitate to join our discord channel (main community channel) and post in our feedback channels. You can always email us at, or simply hit the live chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of the platform to report what you have found as well!

Remember, We Love Feedback too! Send in your comments, suggestions or, just say hi!

If you haven’t tried the beta, yet.. get to it! We are giving away prizes!

Signup and compete for valuable skins for free at

Until Next Time, Development Team

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