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Beta Dev Update (18)

What our devs worked on in week 18 of the Beta

Hello, Players!

We have wrapped up Tournament Week and we couldn’t be happier how everything went!

Let’s dive into what our team has worked on since Dev Blog 16!

Bug Fixes

Fixed; User gets re-invited to lobby if he leaves before the match starts
Fixed; Once a tournament commences, the option for a team to unregister has been removed
Fixed; Varies bugs that were preventing FirstBlood bots to operate efficiently on tournaments
Fixed; And Updated the Careers Page at FirstBlood
Fixed; Mult-Tab Support


Added; A serious boost to 5v5 ladder points earned. Before in a 5v5 queue, you’d win 50 points and the loser would earn 10 points. Now, the 5 winners earn 100 ladder points and the 5 losers earn 20 ladder points
Added; And updated the Ladder Rules. Take a peak
Added; We have made it easy to see all current tournaments and all tournaments that are scheduled/coming up
Added; A clear distinction for teams that have Auto Advanced in the Tournament Brackets. Teams that no-show are displayed as AFK and teams who auto-advanced into the next round as AA on tournament brackets
Added; Matchmaking Improvements

We understand the enormous difference between competing 1v1 and competing 5v5. And because of that, we wanted to ensure that players and teams that committed to 5v5 Queue felt as such.

To Further Clarify; the more matches you compete in, the more Ladder Points you earn, the higher you rank on Ladder. Each week, the 5 Players with the most Ladder points, earn prizes.

A 1v1 victory earns a player 10 Ladder Points towards his/her weekly Ladder. Now, as you have read, a 5v5 Queued Victory will earn you 10x more ladder points in comparison to 1v1.

Keep in mind players have earned weekly prizes on Ladder with 500 Ladder Points in the past.

And, as always, because we are in Beta, there will be more bugs!

If you find one, please do not hesitate to join our discord channel (main community channel) and post in our feedback channels. You can always email us at, or simply hit the live chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of the platform to report what you have found as well!

Remember, We Love Feedback too! Send in your comments, suggestions or, just say hi!

If you haven’t tried the beta, yet.. get to it! We are giving away prizes!

Signup and compete for valuable skins for free at

Until Next Time, Development Team

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