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Beta Dev Update (16)

What our devs worked on in week 16 of the Beta

Hello, Players!

Another Exciting Week has Passed and another is Upon FirstBlood! Not only did the team announce Tournament Week, the $4,000 8-Day Free-To-Enter Tournament Series, but we launched some really exiting platform additions.

This week’s Dev Blog is also Packed with the BIGGEST feature launch to date!

So let’s get to it…

Bug Fixes

Fixed; Party Bug
Fixed; Adjusted the signup on the Tournament Week Site
Fixed; Design and Position Adjustments
Fixed; Player in wrong slot when lobby launches


Added; Tournaments Feature! Our Biggest, Baddest Feature, YET!
Added; DOUBLE Ladder Points. Earn DOUBLE points during #BattleTime (From 7PM — 9PM ET)
Added; Matchmaking Algorithm — skill based matchmaking
Added; One Link Share Team Signups. Once a team is created, at the bottom of every team profile a shareable link is shown. Share with whomever you’d like to join your team directly after registration.
Added; The prizes for Tournament Week to be shown for everyone to see!
Added; UX improvements to the platform

We can’t wait to see how everyone enjoys the tournament feature during our official launch during Tournament Week.

Our team has also made it extremely easy to invite your teammates with our one link share team signups. Head to the bottom of your team and share your unique link! Even if your teammate isn’t part of FirstBlood. Once shared, and the player signs up through the link they will be instantly added to you team!

#BattleTime just became 2x as good with DOUBLE Ladder Points. From 7PM to 9PM ET earn 2x as much on each game played. We can’t wait to see how players take advantage of #BattleTime, now.

Know Anyone Who Plays Dota?

The time to share is here. We are giving away over $4,000 during our 8-Day Tournament Week. A series of 5v5 free-to-enter tournaments that just about anyone can enter!

And, as always, because we are in Beta, there will be more bugs!

If you find one, please do not hesitate to join our discord channel (main community channel) and post in our feedback channels. You can always email us at, or simply hit the live chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of the platform to report what you have found as well!

Remember, We Love Feedback too! Send in your comments, suggestions or, just say hi!

If you haven’t tried the beta, yet.. get to it! We are giving away prizes!

Signup and compete for valuable skins for free at

Until Next Week, Development Team

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