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Beta Dev Update (13)

What our devs worked on in week 13 of the Beta

Here we are Battle Mates,

Welcome to week 13 of our Open Beta!

We have heard once again the outreach from our community. Wanting to see more recent matches of users. And players requested the ability to see matches even after the ladder has finished. Today we are happy to state that this will not longer be a concern.

A second major response from the community was a request to reduce the queue dodging ban. That the time bans were just too long for first offense. After multiple team discussions, we have decided to adjust slightly.

Updated First Offense for Queue Dodging is now;

  • 10 minutes

Updated Second Offense for Queue Dodging is now;

  • 1 hour

Updated Third Offense for Queue Dodging is now;

  • 8 hours

Bug Fixes

Fixed; ZERO!

Luckily during the past week, we did not have any bugs that we were actively working towards fixing.


Added; More recent matches are showing on user profiles
Added; Adjusted bans for queue dodging

Current Bug Report;

A recent bug on the platform locks players in game lobby. You may find yourself after matching with a player “stuck” in “preparing lobby”. Within minutes of a player reporting this bug, the team has been actively working on a solution.

With that, because a player reported this error, we were able to start troubleshooting almost immediately.

As always, because we are in Beta, there will be more bugs!

If you find one, please do not hesitate to join our discord channel (main community channel) and post in our feedback channels. You can always email us at, or simply hit the live chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of the platform to report what you have found as well!

Remember, We Love Feedback too! Send in your comments, suggestions or, just say hi!

If you have not checked out our beta… this makes us sad 🙁

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Until Next Week, Development Team

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