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Alpha update #1

What we’ve been up to for the last month

In case you missed it, last month we opened the alpha version of our app to our pre-sale participants. They have been feverishly testing, finding bugs, edge cases, and providing some incredible feedback.

There are three community members whose contributions really stood out and that we would like to acknowledge and thank for their time and effort; Angel and phABC from our Discord community and Colourbit from our weChat community. You guys seriously rock! Your feedback is going a long way to helping make this project a success.

Alpha Dev

We work in sprints and are in the process of getting the platform ready for the 5v5 queue and tournament play modes. For example, in the current sprint Zack has finished the user-profile back-end and is now implementing the backend of our teams feature, while Jernej and Anik are finalizing the user-profile front-end.

The other essential feature for playing with other players is of course chat! Luka is hard at work implementing and deploying the chat backend.

The product design team has been grinding away at our tournament specifications and designs, along with beginning to spec out the gamification elements of the platform.

For those of you currently using the alpha, it shouldn’t be too much longer until you start seeing some more changes to the app. We’ll roll out new features incrementally as they become ready. This first batch of features that extend the platform beyond 1v1 play are all somewhat interconnected, so there will be a bigger update followed by several smaller incremental updates from here on out.

Business Dev

Marco, Joe, and Aladin have adopted a modern day nomadic lifestyle over the past few weeks attempting to show their faces at any and every industry event they can physically get to. You might have noticed them down at Dreamhack in Austin.

As a result, we have a couple of really exciting partnerships that we are working on behind the scenes that we’re very excited to announce when the time is right.

The next big event you can catch us at is the Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn, NYC on May 19th. Marco will be part of the State of Play panel exploring how decentralizing technologies, tokens, and novel business models are bringing about revolutions in user experience, safety, and fun.

Ethereal Summit, State of Play panel — — from left to right: David Gzesh, Marco Cuestra, Christopher Gonsalves

Our streaming schedule has been quiet for the last month or so, but will pick back up again starting on the 21st of May with #SocialSunday7. We’ve revitalized the format to make it more exciting and keep the length a bit more manageable (no more 12-hour marathon streams).

On top of that, we’ll be starting up a regular series of events open to competitive teams of any level which we will announce in the coming weeks, along with a much larger scale Dota 2 event scheduled to start mid June.

The take home message, keep an eye out for announcements from us over the coming weeks!


Entries are still open for our #Buggernaut arcana giveaway! For your chance to win, claim your alpha invite or head straight over to the giveaway page (you don’t need to be on the alpha to enter the giveaway).

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