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How To Choose A Gas Price During Times Of High Network Demand

The recent and record spike in transactions across the Ethereum network due to the popularity of Cryptokitties has caused a major backlog of pending transactions (~15k at the time of writing) network-wide which has meant player transactions have been slow to submit and slow to receive a final result.

To reduce waiting times when playing Etheroll you can use the following table from to help you choose an appropriate gas price during times of high network demand.

On our side we are looking to increase the gas price for our Oraclize callbacks up to 30 gwei from 20 gwei to alleviate the delays in waiting for a result. Currently ~87% of blocks include a transaction with a 30 gwei gas price. Be patient if you are going to play the game at the moment until we sort these teething issues out that are being caused meow by the huge backlog of txs network-wide due to the recent popularity of Cryptokitties.

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