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Development Update (gas optimization is here) + Rewards Phase 2

Hello all,

Today, we have some good news. Our gas optimized contracts are now ready for deployment. We have been working with our development partners to make this happen and are very excited to finally be able to announce that we are now ready to migrate over to the new gas optimized contracts.

Gas savings
1) ~42% gas savings on internal costs
2) ~14% gas savings for player

For this transition to happen smoothly we are going to suspend game play on our current contract in order for us to migrate our game stats over into the new contract accurately.

We won’t give exact timings on all of this but don’t be surprised if you see the game is paused after reading this post and/or over the next 24 hours or so, it just means we are working on the migration.

We will post a formal announcement once the migration has been completed.

Rewards Phase 2
With only 11 days remaining until the next rewards phase, DICE holders can read learn how to participate in Rewards Phase 2 today at We will be publishing full and detailed separate posts on this subject to our blogs and reddit over the next 48-72 hours so everybody is clear on how to participate.

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