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1st Rewards Period Is Now Closed. ÐICE Tokens Unlocked.

We are very pleased to announce that the 1st rewards period for Etheroll has been a great success with over 1300 ether claimed by our valued token holders over the past 7 days.

ÐICE are now unlocked and available for transfer as per normal.

A total of 111.817059777271568221 ether remained unclaimed at the end of the 1st rewards period which we consider to be a good participation rate. We hope those that did not claim their rewards this period will claim their deserved rewards during the next period, which opens 3 months from today on November 6, 2017. Save the date.

Unclaimed rewards from this epoch have been added back into the bankroll.

If you attempted ÐICE transfers during the lock period which were unsuccessful due to the lock period, you can now attempt those transactions again in order to move your ÐICE from one address to another.

A big thank you to each and all of you for your support and participation in helping make this important milestone for all of us a great success. Let’s roll!

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